History of FAirhaven & "miss annies palace"

Here at Stones Throw, there’s nothing we love more than exploring the bountiful wilderness that surrounds Bellingham. It’s easy to take for granted, but there aren’t too many places on earth with a kind, bustling city right by endless trails to explore. So how did we get so lucky? It’s all in history.

Back in the late 1800s Whatcom County was settled by coal miners. In the early 1900s after the San Francisco earthquake, loggers came to join. All this production meant they needed somewhere to conduct business. Being on a bay, what now is Bellingham was the perfect location to build harbors, homes, and businesses.

Those miners and loggers left us with more than just a beautiful city. Mining and logging roads permeate the Chuckanut and North Cascade Mountains, providing access to some of the most beautiful and secluded spots in the state, just a stone’s throw from Bellingham.

Back in this time, Fairhaven was home to an area called Devil’s Row, where the workers would come on the weekend and enjoy the saloons, theaters, casinos, and of course, brothels. Stones Throw now occupies the same land that used to be a brothel by the name of “The Palace” ran by Miss Annie Bronson. The Palace was described as "A large wooden structure, very private and most elegantly furnished. Miss Annie is an extremely experienced hostess, pleasant and agreeable when she entertains her guest.”

Today, we are happy that Bellingham is 100% brothel free. But we and many others celebrate the city of subdued excitement’s nefarious past. The Sin & Gin tour from Bellingham’s own Bureau of Historical Investigation takes visitors through Fairhaven escorted by lovely tour guides in period clothing. Dirty Dan and The Ladies of Fairhaven can be seen sashaying around town entertaining the locals and tourists.