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Living in Bellingham, we are some lucky bikers. And hikers. And skiers, and snowboarders, and runners and sailors and backpackers and climbers! It’s a big part of why we’re all here (especially Stones Throw owners Tony and Jack), and a big part of why Stones Throw has the name Stones Throw. Whether it’s the mountains or the islands, the Chuckanuts or Galbraith, Canada or Mt. Baker or even the further North Cascades, we’re perfectly nestled here in Bellingham, just a stone’s throw away from adventure…

And while we like to believe we’re one of the closest pints to adventure you can find out there, sometimes there’s nothing closer than actually ‘finding a pint’ out on the trail! Our mysterious team of beer fairies that zoom around on the trails and in the mountains often leave behind pre-purchased tokens in certain viewpoints or trailheads, or even on top of the very cairns you’re following. Find yourself a token? C’mon in and redeem that for a beer!

We’re all about encouraging ourselves and everyone else to get outside and have some fun in our local playground, and hey, if there’s a beer out there hiding for you, even better. So here are a couple of our favorite hikes and rides and adventures where you should keep an extra-attentive eye out for your next Stones Throw beer…

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Bike Rides

Galbraith is an easy one. But oh dang, where to start?! It may be tough to narrow it all down, but we’ll try… A favorite lap of ours is to start on the north side, from the Birch Street trailhead. After pedaling up the ridgeline, past the awesome Cedar Dust jump lines (sneaking in a quick lap or three), and grueling up “the wall” climb, we like to turn back north and drop into SST. But wait! You’re probably like “well duh, of course, everyone loves this lap.” A great deviation to keep it spicy is to turn down Air Chair after the first SST section and to ride this lesser-ridden line down. From open singletrack in the clear cut to steep and narrow tree turns, Air Chair has it all - even a fun rock roll. Catch the cut-back to finish the lap with the Back Door trail and presto, you’ve had a damn good day.

More Galbraith gems where you might (read: probably will) find Stones Throw tokens: The classic Evolution-Pumptrack-Atomic Dog lap, or out on the backside down the Spacewolf trail.

Elsewhere: Because there’s so much more than “just” Galbraith. Double Black/Double Down is our go-to when biking in the Chuckanuts, and Cougar Ridge from the the Sudden Valley side is always calling our name…

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Nearby, we love hiking and running in the Chuckanuts. Of course we do. You do too! One of our favorites is to start from the top of Cleator Road and hike north along Chuckanut Ridge, up and down, casually strolling or running along the pleasant trail between the stark roller-coaster dips and climbs. The rocky outcrops and viewpoints at the end are a great spot for lunch and a beer before turning around and heading back (about 3 miles each way), or continue down to north Lost Lake trail.

A little further out, Yellow Aster Butte and the Hannegan Peak trails never disappoint. Both are fantastic hikes with gorgeous views. And if you’re looking for some alpine running, head up to Artist Point, run yourself around the Chain Lakes loop, and keep your eyes out for both rocks (don’t twist that ankle!) and beer tokens (you deserve a beer!). Unfortunately for these ones, you better sneak them in before the snow starts falling…

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And perhaps the most ambitious of them all, go scramble/climb up the North Twin Sister! It’s a push, we won’t lie. That solid bike pedal up the logging road though is rewarded by the fun of scrambling up the rocks on the western ridgeline, and the sheer awesome feeling of standing on top of a mountain and staring over at Mt. Baker from the summit. We don’t get out there enough, but every time we do, it’s always “Wow this is way easier access than it sounds - we need to do this more often.” So hey - we hear there’s more than a few beer coins that have been “dropped” out there…

Go find your closest pint to adventure!

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