There's something wrong with the photo below. Can you tell? Hint: It's not the Boundary Bay sticker on the jockey box... we love them!


Okay, maybe wrong was the wrong word. We lied. There's nothing wrong with that photo. That photo actually looks like life is pretty great. But, no matter how hard you try, odds are that you can't bring all supplies and a keg or two or three (and enough people to drink them all) on every camping trip. So that's why the wonderful and glorious and all-knowing Beer Gods invented growlers! Which, with all this crazy-good camping weather in the northwest right now, we figured it would be important to pair your favorite camping meal with your favorite Stones Throw beer currently on tap!

A much more realistic campsite.

A much more realistic campsite.

Citra Down, Bottoms Up IPA with Pita Pizzas

How often do you crave pizza while camping? Yeah, us too: Always. But while it's not too far-fetched to cook up a pizza while car camping, there's a creative and mini way to get your pizza fix. Small enough to cook on a single Whisperlite or Pocket Rocket stove, this beer drinker and camper's personal favorite meal to cook up are Pita Pizzas. 

Lay some Pita bread on a lightly buttered pan and top with a bit of either tomato sauce or pesto - the smaller the can, obviously, the easier to bring camping, which is why we tend to lean on pesto. Then sprinkle a bit of cheese (any cheese will taste great!) and keep it simple - don't try to put too many toppings on these babies! A great way to get some meat is to cut tiny pieces from a dry salami (super easy to pack), or if you're into veggies, small pieces of pepper and mushroom work well. And of course, camping pizza like this pairs well with a hoppy and citrus-styled IPA, where the flavors can bring out the salami and the higher ABV can cut through any of that grease. A task perfect for the Citra Down, Bottoms Up IPA, sooo go fill that growler!

Two-Dollah Porter with Frying Pan French Toast

Those fancy egg containers for camping that you can find at any outdoor store are amazing. Trust us - nothing worse than breaking an egg (or 6) in your backpack. And while it sounds extravagant, it's pretty dang easy to cook French Toast for breakfast while camping, and oh yeah, while you're over there cooking, you probably should grab a beer. 

Whisk together the eggs and some honey and cinnamon, and ginger in a camping pot and drop in your favorite bread that you packed before buttering up a pan and laying down the soaked slices and... well, you're done. That was easy! Brown the French Toast and grab the growler full of Two Dollah Porter! The thick and rich dark beer will match the sweet and filling French Toast and even will go well next to your morning coffee!

Bonus: While not on tap now, and while not a dark beer... we can vouch that our Fairhaven Fix Coffee Lager will is the perfect morning beer - with our without breakfast!

Raincountry Liquid Sunshine Lager with Pesto Pine Nut Pasta

What's the most important thing when camping after a long hike? Food (and beer). Quickly. 

This meal is easy to pack in to the campsite and, except for boiling water, takes zero prep effort. Seriously. It's so easy, but loading up on pasta after a long day is one of the best feelings while camping. We think this meal goes best with those spiral noodles (Fusilli Pasta, to be technical), but you really have the freedom to pack whichever pasta you like best. Cook them up and then stir in some pesto (again with the pesto: the small jars are just so easy for camping!), about a cup of pine nuts, and tiny bit of olive oil if you were able to bring it. The pasta is full of calories, the pine nuts full of protein, and you can add any veggies or meat you want, which makes this a great meal for the back-end of a camping trip, when you have an extra pepper you don't want to waste. 

While you sit back and hungrily scarf down the pasta, keep refilling your camping mug with Raincountry Liquid Sunshine Lager from the growler. The light and bready pilsner-style lager is perfect for the pasta flavor and texture and light addition of pine nuts. 


***Our favorite camping cookbook, "Best Served Wild" by Brendan Leonard and Anna Brones, inspired some of these. It's awesome and fantastic and just reading it will make you hungry, for both the meals and the backcountry!***