Spring season is here, and whether the sun is out in full force or the clouds are socked in and the rain is pouring, this is our favorite time of year to ride bikes. And we're lucky to have such an amazing stock of mountain bike trails right out our back door. I mean, we all know how lucky we are, right?!

Last newsletter, in the height of ski season, we paired some of our favorite backcountry ski tours with Stones Throw beer. Well now this time, you guessed it...  Read on below for our favorite trails paired with their corresponding Stones Throw brew!

And as always on Galbraith, keep an eye out when on your bike for some Stones Throw brew tokens, purchased and dropped by your favorite local beer fairy...

IMG_2769 2.jpg

SST and the Tree Rings India Pale Lager

This northside classic is has recently had quite the facelift with recent logging and trail work (Quick diversion: a HUGE shout out and thank you to the WMBC - visit their website to learn about volunteering and becoming involved in everything awesome they do!). But even after the changes, it's still the same flowy and fast trail we love, just with a new twist... Just like the Tree Rings India Pale Lager. Besides the low-hanging easy name association (newly logged trail paired with a beer named after counting Tree Rings....), our IPL has had some tweaks and changes while still being the Tree Rings that has been so popular the past spring and summer seasons. 

The IPL is light like a lager and drinkable for beer lovers of all pursuits, but hoppy enough to entertain those IPA hop heads - just like SST is smooth and flowy and perfect for riders of all levels, with the options to hit berms and jumps to keep those advanced riders always entertained and challenged. 

One last thing about SST: watch the trail! Now that there's a seemingly endless tasty view of the bay and islands while descending, it's so tempting to just stare out into the beautiful Bellingham sunset... While flying down the best trail the north side has to offer!


Chuckanut Ridge and the Midnight Rider Dark Lager

Dark and mysterious. Casual and calm, yet glances and moments of technical challenges. Are we talking beer or trail?

Both. The Ridge trail is the most back-and-forth trail we like to ride: at times, easy and casual and smooth before jumping into (and up) steep and technical challenges and rocks. Just like our Midnight Rider Dark Lager. Just as mountain bikers looking to escape the Galbraith head to the Chuckanuts, both light and dark beer drinkers can venture away from the hop craze and enjoy the Midnight Rider. 

And have you ever tried to ride The Ridge at night? Good luck, you Midnight Riders...


Family Fun Center and Raincountry Liquid Sunshine

It's not spring without some Liquid Sunshine, and it aint' Galbraith without Family Fun Center! One of the more enjoyable up trails to connect you from the bottom of the north side to the trails and service roads a little higher up that can take you everywhere on Galbraith, Family Fun Center is easy and loved by all: Just like the Raincountry Liquid Sunshine. 

And once you pop out of the trees in the lower section and start switching back in the sun, it's hard not to smile as you ride through the spring flowers and sunshine. Nothing challenging about this trail, just some good ol' bike riding. Sound familiar? There's no beer better for some good ol' spring and summer day drinking than the Liquid Sunshine Lager...


Which trail would you pair with your favorite Stones Throw Beer?