The taplines have been BUSY this week at Stones Throw. Since Saturday (it's only Thursday today? Wow...), we've added 2 new beers and also brought back a flagship favorite of ours. 


New Beers


The Hooligan Red IPA: 6% ABV, and 64 IBU

Last summer we brewed The Lil' Red Hooligan, in honor of Tony's patched up sailboat. But we decided it was time to take a step up, and last year's Red Ale graduated and grew into the more potent and hoppier Hooligan, a higher-octane Red IPA. 

Using Mosaic and Simcoe hops with the German BEST Malz Red X malt, the Hooligan is full bodied and heavily dry hopped. A mango and tropical fruit aroma pairs well with the slight botanical pine taste behind the rich and hazy red color. 


Bayside Blonde Ale: 6%, and 36 IBU

We've also crafted a casual Blonde Ale, for when you just need a relaxing beer down here by the bay. Named after Janet Needler, our fantastic and lovely former-landlord from Stones Throw's humble beginnings who never fails to bring a smile to our face when she comes in to visit and park in the "Miss Annie's Or Else" parking spot in the front of the brewery. 

The Bayside Blonde has a light bready taste with a prominent earthy and orange-peel dry hopped aroma. The citrus flavors leave a soft yet spicy finish. 


Return of the Two-Dollah

Two-Dollah Porter: 6.7% ABV, and 20 IBU

The Porter is back! And this one got hefty...

Flavors of rich and lightly burnt black andn chocolate grains are characters balanced between malty-sweetness and minimal hop flavors. This beer is substantially more technical than the mountain biking trail it from which it derives its namesake. Enjoy!

That's the new beer we have on tap! As always, follow us on Facebook and Instagram to stay up to date with beer releases and brewery events.