Scrolling through the never ending black hole of my Facebook newsfeed the other day, while my mountain bike sat lonely and pouting down in the basement, I came across a a short mountain bike edit and the caption "Squamish BC has never looked so good." Being someone who is always drawn to the words "Squamish," I took the time to watch the bike edit once, then a second time, and then a third. And then I looked outside, saw the crappy weather, and just got excited. Because it's kind fun to see summer end. Here's said video below - take a quick break and then you'll see why.

See? Yeah. There's something exciting about a wet, sloppy, day on a bike. Just like there's a golden hour of every day, there's a golden season of every year... And we're about to hit that great Autumn in-between season, in that shoulder separating summer and winter. Don't get me wrong, this summer has been great: long days in the sun, plenty of time out on the water, barbecues, climbing, hiking, and so much more.  But I think we're all ready for some rain. Because the rain keeps the trails fast and the dust down. So here's where we plan on riding over the next month or two!

The Holy Grail: Squamish, BC

So we can't post a video about Squamish and then not have it the top of our list, right? Of course, it is the mountain biking mecca of the Northwest (if not all of North America, but Moab and Southwest Colorado might have some arguments there too). But how many places to ride give you a view like this?


Favorites like Half Nelson and Angry Midget are some of the obvious trails you should ride when you're up there, but if you're looking for some more out of the way, advanced, trails, check out Rupert, Entrails, and Credit Line. Squamish is a solid 3 hour drive with the border waits, but when you've got the day off, it makes for a great day trip - wake up early, cross the border anywhere besides the main Peace Arch crossing, and ride 'til you can't ride any more! As the weather turns a bit cooler, Squamish is only going to get better...

The Backyard Stash: Galbraith Mountain

We've all found ourselves on a bike on a fall brisk day, rain threatening in the sky, and seemingly nobody on Galbraith. That's when the wind picks up and gets loud right as you drop in off the top. Our favorite loop on the south side this season is looking like Evolution to Prison Love to Lair of the Bear. 

On the north side, SST is always a classic. But with the addition of Air Chair, mix it up and and ride something new! We've also really been enjoying Lower Bobs as a fun, leafy and twisty descent. 

The Other Side of the Tracks: Mazama

Mazama, and Winthrop, are a completely different style of riding when compared to Galbraith and Squamish. But that doesn't make them any less of a trail. 


Our favorite ride out in the East Side is the Rendezvous Loop, an 11-mile loop just outside of Mazama as you make your way to Winthrop. While long and full of climbs, the downhill is saved for the second half of the ride, making it a rewarding finish. You pass by two backcountry huts - perfect spots to sit and enjoy the view (and a beer) as you take a break. 

Not hard to miss summer when the mountain biking is only gonna get better, eh?