With summer slowly and kind of half-heartedly turning into fall, two things are certain for sure down here at Stones Throw: The Fairhaven Fix Coffee Lager never lasts as long as people want it to, and our small little 7-barrel brewery system is about to get busy! Because dang, you all can drink a lot in the summer - and we gotta keep up! We have a ton of exciting new beer coming on tap in the coming weeks, especially a few we've never had here before. BUT FIRST - EXCITING NEWS! 

Starting in October, Happy Hour on Mondays 12-6pm will be dropping down to $3 per beer. Yeah, you heard us... Three dollars per beer! Have two dollars in your pocket? Now, all you need is one more for a beer. Drinking just got easier.  

And Thursday night Trivia is becoming a weekly routine: Every Thursday, starting at 7pm. Questions written by Stones Throw employees, hosted by Stones Throw employees (and brewers!)... Thursdays just became the new Friday. So now, about the beer...

IMG_3119 copy.jpg

The brew everyone has been excited and asking about is the Fresh Hop. Autumn means harvest season, and that means fresh hops galore. We put out the word to the community to bring by any and all hops they felt like donating to a good home, and you sure didn't let us down - we had so many hops, we used the fresh cones in more than one batch! 

Our Fresh Hop beer will be released on October 8, the same day as as Fresh Hop Block Party. This will truly be a community-sourced beer, brewed by us, for you. We couldn't have done it without everyone taking the time to harvest and drop off their hops, so a big thank you! For those who are curious, while there was definitely a wide assortment of hops, Cascade, Chinook, and Willamette hops were the main three used for this Fresh Hop. 

Learn more about the Fresh Hop Block Party, the different hops we'll be fresh hopping, and the community engagement by clicking the words GET FRESH (HOPPED)! See you all then!

And speaking of the the community, we named our flagship IPA after everyone who helped us get this brewery up and running. It's been a minute or two since the Neighborhood has been on tap, however, so we're excited to let you know that the next batch of our Neighborhood IPA is almost ready to go!


Another beer we're really excited to be pouring your way soon is the Wheat, Then Repeat: Our first Belgian Wit! Brewed with fresh Willamette and Cascade hops grown and harvested in Fairhaven, this moderately malty Belgian Wit is an everyday kind of drinking beer at 5.2% ABV and only 12 IBU. Malted with a hefty portion of wheat, the body has a golden straw color and subtle biscuity tones with the prominent banana and clove spice flavors. A witbier that’s light, crisp, and lively: The Wheat, Then Repeat (all day long) will be the next new beer on tap, if it hasn't already made its way into the taproom by the time you're reading this!

We're also bringing our Nitro tap back into use with the introduction of our Bitter Safe Than Sorry ESB. This slightly-citric Extra Special Bitter has subtle fruit tones of nectarine and orange with a bready and herbal aroma. The Bitter Safe Than Sorry was dry-hopped with EKG hops to craft a subtle, whirling haziness in its glossy body. Bitter by British standards, this ESB is safe to drink as the summer weather turns crisp and autumn settles in to stay for a beer or two. 5.4% ABV and 26 IBUs means the more, the merrier!


And never before seen in the Stones Throw taproom... We have a stout coming on tap! Brian Hale, one of Washington's top-ranked homebrewers and a recent winner in the Bellingham Homebrewers Guild "Best by the Bay," came over and brewed his fabulous Foreign Extra Stout on our system to put on tap soon! Read more about Brian and his beer, "The Late Night Delight," here! 

Also in the not so distant future is another Cascadian Dark Ale, and a Vienna Lager. And we're also brewing more batches of the award-winning Raincountry Liquid Sunshine and Flat Penny Pale Ale - so be sure to swing by and keep poking your head down in the brewery to stay up to date with everything new going on!