Okay, wow...have you all been seeing this weather?!

The sun is out, the sunscreen is off the shelf, and wow we can’t believe we caught ourselves complaining about the heat. This is Bellingham. How rare is it to get this lucky with weather… this isn’t normal, right?

Hopefully, like us, you all have been getting out on the water to catch sunset after sunset in the beautiful Bellingham Bay and beyond. With all this great weather, our summer sailing eyes just keep growing bigger and bigger.

When the days are long and the bay water is glass, there’s nothing better than just putzing out to a random spot in the bay and responsibly enjoying a growler (maybe filled up at your favorite Southside brewery…) and enjoying the evening with good friends.

But what makes all this weather even better for sailing is the upcoming crabbing season...

Opening day for crabbing is almost here! July 15 inches closer with each passing day. Crabbing season is open Thursdays through Mondays all the way until the end of September 30th.

 For those who don’t know the nitty-gritty details, crab may be harvested during the open days from boats starting an hour before official sunrise to an hour after official sunset. A catch record card is required for all Dungeness Crab, with a minimum size of all crab at 6.25” and a daily limit of 5 males.

 More info for the crabbing season can be found by clicking here. It’s summer… get out on boat!

Additionally, a campground all you sea kayakers should definitely be checking out this summer is the Lummi Island DNR campground, accessible by sea-kayak only.

The full size campground (with restrooms!) is on the south end of Lummi Island, and allows for fantastic views of Bellingham, Mount Baker, and the North Cascade range on clear days.

 For detailed directions and photos, click here to explore on! Happy summer, everybody. Enjoy it, and be sure to swing by the taproom for a beer or two after an adventure, whether it was out on the beautiful Bellingham Bay, out in the North Cascades, or right in our backyard Chuckanuts.