So, who all went to the Washington Brewers Festival down in Marymoor Park a few weeks back? If you missed out, or haven’t hear anything about it, we can fill you in real quick… Stones Throw took home a medal and Bellingham dang cleaned up!

Bellingham breweries were taking home medals left and right all across the spectrum of categories. And we are stoked to say we were a part of that! Our Raincountry Liquid Sunshine Lager took second place for American-Style Lagers, bested only by Kulshan’s Premium Lager. Now that’s a smooth tasting podium.

After entering our first festival ever, it feels real special to be taking home a silver medal. But we’re mostly excited about how well Bellingham breweries did in general, and it’s a great feeling to be a part of this family. And, c’mon, it has to be pretty indisputable by now: Bellingham is the craft beer central of Washington. There’s no other place we’d rather drink than this home, sweet home of a craft beer city.  

So next time you see Tony hustling around the brewery, pouring beers behind the bar, or sitting and enjoying a rightly-earned cold one up on the rooftop patio, slap him on the back and congratulate him on his Liquid Sunshine. And then tell him to get back to work. Because there’s beer to be made…

And speaking of beer to be made, here’s what we have coming up this summer!

Remember the Golden Rule IPA? Brewed with Amarillo hops, this light IPA has a slight spice and tones of citrus and orange peels. Expect to see this back in the taproom in the near future, but don’t expect it to last long!

We also have the return of two of our summer beers from last season. The Fairhaven Park TrAle is almost ready, as well as the On Your Left Hefe. The Park TrAle is a popular Pale Ale that also has a noble cause: $1 from every pint sold of the Park TrAle batch goes towards Recreation Northwest’s Fairhaven Park Trail project (more info on that here). And the On Your Left is one of our earliest beers from last year, a Hefeweizen that is perfect for summer drinking after a long bike ride.

Spoiler Alert: while nothing is certain yet, a few kegs of the On Your Left Hefe might also be used in a special collaboration project with Kombucha Town… stay tuned! When we know more what this might look like, we’ll let you know.

We also have a few new beers sitting in the fermenters now, just biding their time until everything is just right. A Rye Pale Ale and Session IPA, yet to be named, will be coming on tap around the beginning of August, if not closer to the back end of July.

And of course, a lot of you all have been coming in, asking for a return of the Tree Rings. Do not worry! Our favorite India Pale Lager is on the brew schedule in the very near future. If you haven’t had an IPL yet, imagine this: take a nice, crisp, lager. Then, dry-hop it like an IPA. Lastly, make a bad joke about how an “IPA and a Lager walk into a bar…” The Tree Rings IPL has definitely been one of our biggest crowd-pleasers so far, so we can’t wait to brew another batch and be pouring it in your glass this summer!

Whew. This summer’s been busy already, and it’s only getting busier. But with all this great weather, nothing sounds better than lounging around the backyard fire pit area with a beer, or letting the sun set with a whole pitcher on the rooftop patio. Dang, we just suddenly got thirsty…

Oh! And here’s a quick update on the Food Truck Schedule at the brewery!

Wednesday evening: Brotha Dudes

Thursday evening: Deli’cious Mischief

Friday evening: Street Dogz

Saturday all day: Back East BBQ