On-Your-Left! Hefeweizen

6.5% ABV   --   21 IBU
Hops: EKG, Hood   --   Malt: Pilsner, Wheat, Corn

This German wheat beer is light and aromatic with moderate tones of clove spice and banana, and a full body of flavor. The On-Your-Left! Hefeweizen has a pale and refreshing mouthfeel and is gently hopped, making for an easy-drinking after a not-so-easy summer bike ride!

If this beer was a Bellingham mountain bike trail, which trail would it be?
The Three Pigs. Any of them. Light, efficient riding that, if you're not paying attention, will really sneak up on you. When you're riding the south side of Glabraith and not trying to pedal up the service roads, odds are you (and the rest of your like-minded riders) are cruising up Three Pigs, leading to plenty of "on-your-left!" hollers as you jockey with friends on the single track.