The block party lineup has been finalized! No, not the music...the beer! We’ll have two decked-out bars pouring seven taps each. Whether you buy your beer inside or outside, all your options are the same. So, without further delay, we present to you the Stones Throw Block Party Beer Lineup. Let us know your favorites!


Fairhaven Park Tr-ALE: Our new brew, crafted specially for this party with Recreation Northwest! This Pale Ale was created in dedication to the Fairhaven Park Trail project in the nearby 100-Acre Woods.

Two-Dollah Porter: She’s smokey, smooth, and bound to keep you warm! Despite the name, this beer is just happens to one of our staples and is just a bit too popular to actually sell for only two dollars. Bummer.

Red IPA: Does anyone north of San Diego and west of the Tetons actually not like IPA’s? Or reds? What about Red IPA’s? Mmmnn...these are a few of our favorite things...

Ski du Saison: It’s not Ski to Sea weekend without a fantastic ski to sea pun...right? We brewed this Saison with the help of North Corner Brew Supply, so if you see Robert, make sure to give him a big ol’ thanks for us!

Bayside Blonde: It’s light -- less than 4% ABV -- so you can session this one all day long! Now that’s an idea.

Rambling Route Cider: From fresh-pressed apples grown right here in Washington, this hard cider is bold, crisp, and may even bite -- as all the best ciders do.

Ginger Ale: This non-alcoholic brew isn’t just for those not fortunate enough to be of drinking age. Definitely a favorite for family-friendly events, no block party is complete without our classic, home-brewed, soda.