In advance of our art show featuring local artist Brooklyn Bell, Stones Throw had the chance to ask Brooklyn some questions in order to get to know her and her art a bit better.

See you all Wednesday, November 16, between 5-10pm for some awesome art!

ST: How did you first become interested in art?

BB: I actually got into art through design. My senior in high school year I was editor of my yearbook. I loved layout and typography and I was skilled at using the Adobe software. When I graduated high school I didn’t have access to the software and technology but I still wanted to create and tell stories. So I started drawing and applying what I’ve learned from making designs into my art.

ST: How would you explain your medium - what is your process?

BB: Okay, a lot people think that my work is hand painted. This is not the case. Everything that I make I first draw with pen. I then scan the image into my computer and I manipulate/color it with Gimp.

ST: What makes your style different?

BB: So, there are a lot of people who do line art with mountains and watercolor. I think what makes mine different is how I manipulate the lines. I’m super inspired by 1960s psychedelic art so my goal when creating is to make sure everything fits but also to try and give it this goopy, warped, almost drooping effect.

ST: A lot of your artwork is mountain-inspired. Has it always been that way?

BB: When I started going hiking and spending time in the Cascades, this became a huge part of my life. This was the time when I started to gain my independence, come of age and all that good stuff. Being in the mountains for me, are a symbol of independence and freedom. Back then I was super attached to place. Now that I’ve gotten into outdoor sports, I really enjoy drawing the characters. I’ve met some of the best/ weirdest people riding, climbing and skiing. Drawing the characters has become a way for me to add commentary on the outdoor culture that I am apart of.

ST: Do you prefer to to create characters or landscapes from the outdoor culture in your art?

BB: I love creating the characters because I love the process. I loved the process of choosing the name, the physical attributes and also the personality of the characters. For Dustin Ackley, I wanted to make a skier character that was inspired by some of the boys that I’ve skied with and have had crushes on in the past. I decided that he was going to be a cross between Mac Demarco and Bobby Brown, with long red hair, a bucket hat and a gap tooth. The name came from a Mariners Bobblehead that I had sitting around. I wanted him to be a guy who looks like a “tool,” but really has a heart of gold. What's interesting is so many people have told me that they know a dude like Dustin Ackley.

It has also become a collaborative process as well.  All of the characters are riddled with inside jokes. My little sister has named a couple of the characters. Frank, the last character I created, was created at a friends house and all my buddies had an input on the name and personality. It’s super fun when everyone is involved and a part of the process.

ST: How much of your art is inspired by the local Cascades?

BB: The majority of my art is inspired by the Cascades. I haven’t really had the opportunity to spend much time anywhere else.

ST: Where is your favorite place to ski, ride, or climb?

BB: Favorite place to ski is Baker (duh). If want to find me though, I probably doing laps on gobbles, chicken ridge or derping around on that jump line on chair 7.

Favorite climbing spot is Index, Washington because I like crack. Crack climbing is the best!

Favorite place to ride? If I told you I might have kill you ;)

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