A Stones Throw From: Slide Lake

Those of us with moss in our veins know there is nothing better than summer in the Northwest. When the sun starts to come out a whole new world of outdoor adventures opens up. The infinite mountains start to thaw, giving way to beautiful trails and thriving wildlife. Even though we’re still a few weeks from summer, it sure looked like it last weekend.

Slide Lake is nestled in the Mt.Baker-Snoqualmie National Forest, about a two hour drive from our doors in Fairhaven. The drive includes about 20 miles on an old logging road, so bring a vehicle that can handle a couple humps and potholes. The hike in is under two miles, but fairly steep with some big logs to get over.

It's all worth it once the forest opens up on one of the most picturesque alpine lakes you've ever set your eyes on. There are good camping spots all around the lake. The west side gets an amazing view of glacier peak all day, while the east side has an unmatched view of the stars and sunset.

For my fellow trout hunters, the lake is full of Browns, Coastals, and Yellowstones. We had lots of luck during the morning and evening with brown mosquito dry flies and silver wooly buggers during the windy midday. There are many good spots in and around the lake to cast from, the crystal clear water makes it a fantastic lake to spend the whole day on.

Not so much into fishing? That's fine. The south side of the valley is covered in boulders that are just begging to be climbed. Trails also continue deeper toward glacier peak. The smart packer knows room can always be made for a growler filled with with your favorite Stones Throw brew to be enjoyed by a fire under the stars. This time, I went with the ESB. It pairs well with a can of beans heated on the embers of a campfire, good friends, starlight, and adventure.