Most craft breweries don't like being put in a box.

Us? We made our whole brewery out of boxes.

Well, shipping containers at least. Did you know there are around 2 million unused shipping containers in the US?

We only used four of them, that means there are a whole 499,999 potential breweries just sitting around doing nothing.

And that makes us sad.

What makes us happy are the family, friends, and community that came to Fairhaven last Friday to see the final piece go in, the fermenting room. Our fearless leaders Jack and Tony stood atop the container which had already been fitted with 5 fermenters, which will soon be home to many delicious brews. The brewery was ceremonially christened with a bottle of the champagne of beers.

This, of course, was a symbolic gesture that showed the birth of a new adventure, as well as celebrating the fact that we will never have to drink High Life again now that we have our own brewery.

This is a big step toward opening day, but with plenty more to do, we’ll be working hard to get beer to the people as soon as possible. Until then, feel free to stop by any time and check out the brewery. We’re really nice guys! If you’re lucky, you might even get a beer out of the deal.