three shipping containers, a small taproom, and a great place to brew beer for the neighborhood

Stones Throw Brewery is a result from Tony Luciano’s determined vision combined with Jack Pflueger’s entrepreneurial tenacity. As WWU Alumni, they have returned to Bellingham to follow their dream of creating a brewery that would truly capture the spirit of sustainability, community, and adventure. After a year or two (who's counting?) of hard work, we opened those massive sliding front doors to the community in April 2016 and have been loving every minute of it since. 

We do our best to embody our motto The Closest Pint to Adventure! While beer is our passion, so is exploring the the surrounding mountains, islands, and everything in between. Henceforth, we have sought to create an environment that will be loved by like-minded people. We're a small team here, but we hope that means you can walk right in and feel apart of our family. Take a seat at the bar before a sunset sail on the bay, relax in our beer garden after a long bike ride in Galbraith, or cozy up by the fire-pit after a day of hard skiing. Our tap room is a dog and kid friendly environment where customers can consult maps, books, and itineraries necessary to take advantage of outdoor adventures, all within a stone's throw. Just remember, if it snows a foot or so up at the mountain overnight, odds are we're thinking about calling in *cough cough* sick, too...

Tours of our brewery are always available - just come in and ask! 

We're also an Airbnb! Click here to check out the cozy Stones Throw Brewery Guesthouse and book your next visit. 

-- Tony, Jack, and the Stones Throw Hustlers